Installing a Portable OS

I have been missing for a long time, but I just started a interest of just doing some interesting stuff on my older desktops, I installed a portable os on a usb in this particular video, which I all edited on the same desktop in shotcut, it took some time to learn masking properly, but I finally did it correctly :sweat_smile:, btw if you want to know which desktop I used, then it was an 10 year old HP Pavilion p2 1275il, 4gigs of ram, intel i3 3220t… And all of my new videos are just going to be based on that interest, do tell me if I did a mistake while making this video, Here is the video:-

Btw, if you want to install shotcut on slax, I believe the package name is same, so it should be
apt install shotcut, however confirm by apt search shotcut and then install the correct package.

And yep also the guy (andriye mikhailovich tech) to upload about slax didn’t know the way of installing an app in slax, he said in a comment, so I decided to make a video that also features that how can one install an app on it, btw it was just listed in the documentation, and was pretty easy to find and follow. Consider it just as an updated video to his with more information.

Btw, If anyone of you have used slax, can you share how to get a wider variety of settings to change, currently it is way harder because of terminal. I can’t turn my mouse acceleration off.

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