Installer offers additional software


as per Shotcut - Download, the installer isn’t supposed to contain “any software unrelated to Shotcut”.

shotcut-win64-230929.exe offers me the installation of opera one.

doesn’t that count as unrelated software?


The new shotcut installer is implemented in such a way that it does not contain the opera installer inside itself and only initializes the download of the opera installer if you check the box and agree to install it, which makes it impossible to install opera on a computer where there is no Internet connection. According to my observations, this code is written only in the installer for Windows. That is, it can be argued that the installer really does not have any other hidden installers that are not related to shotcut and they do not take up space in the installer’s memory, except for an additional archive with pictures advertising this browser.


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While technically Opera is not “bundled” but rather offered, I will remove a sentence from the Download page to avoid confusion. The Opera offer is an opt-in only attempt for some additional monetization for the project.


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