Installed Shotcut 23-10-07 does not show application data directory, the app image yes

On Ubuntu 22.04 i have installed via snap Shotcut 23-10-07. When i do “Settings>App Data Directory>Show” nothing appears. If I use the Appimage version (23-09-27) the command works fine. Am I wrong or it is a little bug?

It is a little bug that is hard for us to control. It is the exact same build, but different runtime characteristics that bind with the desktop environment. It is partly due to Linux userspace change and fragmentation, but I do not know how to fix it.

Thanks for your answer, it’s a very small bug because it’s easy to get the same information using a file manager.
For Ubuntu: .local>share>meltytech>shotcut>presets.
I will never tire of thanking you for the wonderful program you are creating

@dan … where is the link to 23.10.07 download … I could not find it … thanks in advance !

In the download page click “on get it from Snap Store”

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