Instagram Video Exporting/Posting Issues (PLEASE HELP)

So I have went through a variety of settings for exporting my video and posting it to Instagram. The quality and sound are always fine, but I am never able to post the video to Instagram (I’m assuming its not accepting something about it).

Here are some of the settings I have tried:

All were .mp4 format

  1. Youtube Preset-
    Aspect 16:9
    Frames/sec 25
    Video Codec libx264
    Audio Sample Rate 48000
    Audio Codec aac
    Bitrate 384kbps

  2. Youtube Preset Variants-
    1080x1080p or 640x640p
    Aspect 1:1
    Frames/sec 25 (another variant with 23.976)
    Video Codec h264_videotoolbox
    Audio Sample Rate 44100
    Audio Codec aac
    Bitrate 128kbps

I could list more, but all I predominately did was vary the frames, resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate, etc according to what various posts said that Instagram accepted. I’ve been trying so many of these seriously need help or I guess I’ll have to try a different video editing software :sweat:

What are the size/aspect ratio requirements to post on Instagram?

If you need a specific size other than 16:9 aspect ratio, then you need to make a custom video mode before making your video.

So the video editor can’t just adjust this after creating a video with text and extra images that all may be varying sizes/ratios?

Many different websites post this same requirement list and here is a link:

Here is one of this lists as well:

Landscape video

  • Minimum Instagram landscape video dimensions are 600 x 315.
  • Instagram landscape aspect ratio is 1:91:1 .
  • Supported video codecs: H.264, VP8
  • Supported audio codecs: AAC, Vorbis
  • Max Instagram file size is 4GB.
  • Recommended Instagram video formats are .MP4 and .MOV.
  • Instagram video length limit 60 seconds.
  • Video max frames 30fps .

I’ve input this same requirement one time and used 191:100 as the aspect ratio as I can’t put in decimals for the aspect ratio in Shotcut. My video size post export is 67.7MB and the length is ~55 seconds.

Most codecs do not allow odd numbers, and neither does Shotcut. I do not trust these marketing sources of information. I recommend doing a google search like “ video resolution”

aspect ratio is 1:91:1

This is not a valid aspect ratio. There are only two dimensions to aspect ratio. I think they meant 1.91:1. 600 / 315 = 1.9047619047619047619047619047619, which is close to that awful number. Most web videos need to be square pixels or some web browsers will not display them correctly. In that case, you can simply repeat your resolution for the aspect ratio.

I can’t put in decimals

191:100 will work as a ratio is a fraction.

Check this out:

In that case, give resolution 1910 x 1000 and aspect ratio 191:100 a shot. Also, use an even 30 fps and not 29.97.

Couldn’t get back to try this until just now, I appreciate the advice and I went ahead and tried those settings. The video still cannot be selected to post to Instagram. What are the next steps or things I should check to troubleshoot uploading the video?

Surprisingly I guess you can’t upload videos from your computer to Instagram, it has to be done with your phone. Not sure if this answers your problem or not, but thought I would add this here so others may also find it.

From Instagram’s support page:

Found this old article from July 2017 describing a work around, and size dimensions to use. And the article shows how to do it with Shotcut.

I’m not sure if Instagram always requires 1:1 aspect ratio’s and there just isn’t much out there Instagram official documentation to point in any certain direction.

Following this linked article’s advice…
Before you make your video, set the Video Mode to a 1:1 aspect ratio before importing videos into Shotcut. You can crop/arrange your video accordingly within the video mode, then when you export, there is no going into Advanced or selecting presets, just export the video with the default settings (which is MP4) as the article suggests.

Ok, I was wrong… you can upload from your computer. You have to pick IGTV and set up a channel, which is basically just uploading one video.

I did create a custom video mode, as they want the videos vertical. Currently there is no Video Mode preset for Instagram, and perhaps @shotcut could add a Video Mode preset for Instagram in the future.

Still before you start your video: create a custom video mode:

I’m not sure how well Instagram videos will embed with this forum software, but should be able to click on the link below.

I did not go into Advanced at all for the Export screen. I just simply exported the file at all default settings.

My first video ever on Instagram. So feed my ego, and give me a like? lol Really I don’t care if you do or not. I’m just joking here.

And perhaps I’m wrong yet again… I’ve found a few other videos that are not vertical.

I think this is IGTV

Thanks, @Hudson555x. There are vertical video modes in the next version of Shotcut (and 19.02 BETA). I know there is a difference between IGTV and regular Instragram posts with video, but I do not know all the particulars except that IGTV I believe is strictly vertical while regular post is more flexible. Then, there are optimizations one can make to the aspect ratio to improve presentation of a post video. Also, see how there is “tv/” in your URL and when you click your profile it shows 0 posts currently.

Yhe article below shows a neat trick how to use some browsers’ dev tools to upload a post from a desktop computer.

I have no idea how Instagram works. I have a personal account that I only posted a few pictures to. This is the first post ever to this account, and it was easier than I thought.

This is what the load screen looked like.

Thanks @Hudson555x and @shotcut for all the information. I was already trying to upload via dev tools, unfortunately it’s not working and I’ll have to wait until my desktop arrives in a week or two to try again. I’m currently circumventing by uploading to a share drive, downloading on my phone and uploading to Instagram.

On a side note I hope this post helped anyone else looking for information on posting to Instagram because its all here! Thanks again everyone!

Yup sometime i got issues but i download and post with different app on instagram.
This may help you!!

Appreciate it, but this only takes photos/videos from Instagram and downloads it for you. My issue is the opposite: I wanted to post a video I created to Instagram.

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