Inserting Video Clip & Transition Leaves Gap

I have a main video that has audio and I would like to add a short video clip that doesn’t have it’s own audio but I would like the audio from the main video to keep going. When I add the clip, I’d like it to have a transition so I drag the clip over the end of the main video which gives me the transition in the front but a blank gap in video (not audio) behind the clip. If I try to fix the gap, the audio then doesn’t match the video (video is of a person talking). Can I have the best of both worlds here - a video clip that transitions in and out without negatively impacting the audio in the main video?

Thanks so much!

If you just want the video with no audio to transition in and out, put the clip on a track over the main video.

Use the Fade in/out filters to create the fades. Set both to adjust opacity instead of fade with black.


You can keyframe the Opacity filter to get the same result.


Perfect! Thank you!

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