Inserting object without overwriting/with only moving (to the right) other ones

Hello All,

I’m still in the stage of a beginner with shotcut.
I’m looking for a functionality, which really should be there, but I cannot find yet: I want to insert a video at some place in the timeline but DO NOT WANT to overwrite other videos in that area. Instead I want to have everything to the right of this site moved further to the right.

Can someone help me with that?



This is why Multi-Track exists :wink:
Create a new track (Ctrl+Y) Add your new clip to the new track (V2) then position it where you need it. Take notice of the ‘Composite’ icon on each track header.

Steve’s suggestion works.

Or you can open the clip in the source viewer. Copy it (Ctrl + C). Place the play-head where you want the clip to b inserted in the time line then Paste (Ctrl V). The clip will be inserted at the play-head position and everything will be moved to the right.

If you are using drag-n-drop to add a clip to the timeline, then you can turn on the Ripple mode on the Timeline. The button on the Timeline tool bar looks like a circle inside a circle.

There is also a Timeline tool bar button for paste. Remember to over your mouse over the icons to get tool tips.