Inserting markers on timeline?

In some of the tutorials I see blue markers with digits in them. I assume these are markers to enable returning to an exact time and frame. How are markers placed in the timeline?

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My understanding is that those markers only apply to a project built using the Playlist. They have no relevance to the Timeline. You make them visible by clicking the hamburger menu at the bottom of the Playlist window and selecting Goto. You’ll notice that when you do that, the Preview window switches from Source to Project. The numbers refer to each clip’s position in the Playlist. The duration of each clip reflects whether In and Out points were created on the clips in the Source viewer and if the clips were then updated with those points. You can navigate among the markers with Alt+left/right arrows.

Thanks for the explanation. Time to write a suggestion. I’m re-editing a video and am reduced to using splits as markers. Not a great idea when it comes to some subsequent changes.


Hi, are you editing an exported video or a project saved in MLT format? If you are editing the exported video there is nothing more you can do when reediting, you will not have any “marks” related with the previous edition.

If you need to do subsequent changes to the video you will need to save your project as a MLT file and you can edit it later with all the “marks”, timeline setup, etc. like before the export.

I’ll work with MLT. NTL being able to leave markers as needed strikes me as being important enough that I’m surprised they’re not available.

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I never used other video edition programs besides Shotcut and Avidemux but I don’t think it’s usual to have markers left or introduced for later edition during the export of the video since it’s suppose to be the finalized product.

That’s why Shotcut gives you the possibility to save the MLT file, that’s the way of saving a video project for later re-edition without losing any capability. AFAIK other video edition programs use the same logic to save a video project for later edition.

Sorry for the confusion. I’m talking about intra-Shotcut work. Being able to set markers in any one editing session strikes as important, carrying them from one session to the next is even better.

In my case, I need to tighten up the existing material. A lot. Marking the fluff before it’s cut out makes the job much easier. As you know, backing out transitions and splits is no fun.


Hey RBEmerson!

Did you already suggested the markers or should I do that?

Cuz I would also like to have them!

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You can always add a copy of the video to an audio track and uses slices as markers for the video track.

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The idea of markers is common to most video editors. I raised the point of them as a suggestion for a later rev. It’s nothing new from me. :slight_smile:


I would also like to have a marker facility, especially helpful when trying to sync video with music.

Steve, that is a nice workaround. I’ll use that idea, thanks.

That’s what I’m doing just now. I’m adding 3d rendered lyrics created in Blender and ideally I would be able to play the video in shotcut and tap markers in in real time as it’s playing. I could then easily identify the frame numbers to tie Blender’s animation keyframes into before I render out the final lyric video clip[ from Blender.

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