Inserting clips between or before existing clips

hello, I am having trouble editing a video because I cannot insert/move clips between and before clips I’ve already placed. I would have no problem just moving the clips, but there are a lot of them and makes the program crash or lag. Is there any way to move the clips more effectively without having to start from scratch?

Hello and welcome!

You have to activate the ‘Ripple trim and drop’-Button. It’s the second sign, left from the zoomslider right above the timeline.
Then ‘insert’ your clip in front of the clip that has to be moved to the right.

Besides what DvS wrote, this might also happen because you are using an old version. The updates in December, 2019 clip movement more flexible.

thank this has really helped,
I really wasn’t sure what to do since I didn’t have time to scroll through videos and tutorials, I only recently knew of this app so I didn’t really know how to navigate this especially since i’m used to more basic editors

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