Inserting across all audio/video tracks

Question: Lets say I have multiple audio and video tracks in my project. I now need to insert a clip into the middle of video track 1 - which means I need to move all the other tracks over by the same amount of time - is there a method to “insert” space (or a clip) across all tracks at the same time, that would appear to the right of the timeline cursor?

The only way I found so far to do this, was to open other, add a colour to the playlist, add that to a new video track…stretch it to the length I needed, then drag it to each of the tracks to move them over. Quite time consuming…

Thanks Derbydog

Turn Ripple edits across all tracks on.

Open the clip to be inserted in the source viewer.
Trim it to the desired length.
Press C to copy.

Select the project tab. Place the play head where you want to insert the clip.
Select the track where you want to insert the clip.
Press V to paste/insert the clip from the source viewer into the timeline.
Everything will be moved to the right.

Turn Ripple edits across all tracks off.


Clearly I didn’t ask this question soon enough!! Works great. Many thanks for the help…


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