Inserting a clip 'without' moving those to the right of it


My first post here…

Plenty videos on how to insert clips on the timeline and have the others to the right of it move to allow for the space but it isn’t what I need. I want the opposite but can’t seem to find how to do it.
I want to insert/paste the clip in but don’t want the clips on the right of it to move.
Seems like a simple task. Guess I’m missing something somewhere. I’ve only had the software 4 days…


Hi @Enthusiamateur
It depends on a couple of things.

  1. When dragging a clip from the Playlist or from a folder, make sure the the Ripple buttons are OFF.

  2. When you Copy (Ctrl + C) a clip from somewhere.

    • Paste (Ctrl + V) will push away all the clips on the right to the right.

    • Overwrite (B) won’t affect the position of the clips on the right.


You want Overwrite. There is an Overwrite button (V) on the Timeline toolbar. It uses whatever is in Source as… you guessed it… the source of the action. Speaking of actions, this has a shortcut displayed in its tooltip. You can also look this up and trigger it using Help > Actions and Shortcuts in the menu.
But let’s say you are using drag-n-drop. Just like your keyboard or an old school text editor/word processor, there is a toggle for insert/overwrite. This is called Ripple on the toolbar.
Here is an idea: add a shortcut for Ripple that uses that Insert key on your keyboard (if you have not already removed it for mistakenly switching to overwrite mode in a text editor one too many times - maybe only a coder’s dilmena).

Did the trick…
Thanks for your time…

I knew it must’ve been in there somewhere…


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