Insert Audiotrack in existing Picturetrack

I am hoping to get help here:

I want to make a picture “dance” to an audio track.
Therefore I have to bring the picture track and the audio together.
If I try to insert the audio track into the track with the picture, the audio overwrites the picture.

Any suggestions how to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Hier nochmal in deutsch:
Ich möchte ein Bild zu einem Musikstück “tanzen” lassen.
Hierfür muss ich die Audiodatei und die Spur, auf der das Bild liegt, zusammenfügen.
Wenn ich die Audiodatei in die Spur, in der das Bild liegt, verschiebe, dann wird auch die Bilddatei überschrieben. Das Bild ist dann nicht mehr zu sehen.
Ich freue mich über Hilfe,
danke :slight_smile:

Hi @etanom91

Use one track for your picture and one track for your audio file, then export.


Gonna try it tonight, looks promising.

Thanks a lot!

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One thing I didn’t consider:
The picture I am talking about is a PNG.
If I export the PNG with the audiotrack, I get a black and not transparent background.

I found a video about letting a picture pulsate to a beat, and at 1:15 the guy just slides the audiotrack into the picture track. If I do that, the audio overrides the picture track.

Here is the video:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

If you noticed, that audio was originally imbedded in the video clip. Maybe that’s why he can re-imbed it without overwriting the video. Not sure.

In your original post, I didn’t realize that you wanted to use the Audio Dance Visualization filter.
What you can do is put your PNG image on a video track and your music clip on an audio track then apply the Audio Dance Visualization filter on the Output of the Timeline.

When you export, use the alpha > Quicktime Animation export preset.
That will preserve the transparencies of your PNG image, and you will be able to overlay the resulting video on top or other videos.

Applying the Audio Dance Visualization filter on the Output
And choosing the Quicktime Animation export preset

Overlaying the exported clip on another video:

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I made a mistake in my previous post.

Apparently, unless I did something wrong, the alpha > Quicktime Animation export preset doesn’t support audio.

Use the WebM VP8 export preset instead

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Thanks so much!

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Your welcome @etanom91


Well… that’s embarrassing…
Turns out audio IS supported when using the Quicktime Animation export preset.

I don’t know why there is no audio in the last clip I posted above, but after another test, it works now.

So you can use both presets to export a clip with transparency. You can also use the other WebM preset (WebM VP9).

I find that the exported .mov files of the Quicktime preset will play more smoothly in Shotcut than the .webm files. But the files are much heavier.

Example: A 10-second clip exported using the 3 presets:


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Quick update:
I got everything to work, thanks so much for your help!

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You’re welcome @etanom91 . Glad I could help.