Input a video in its original size

I am trying to input a Video into Shotcut, but it immediately gets resized, and I don’t know how to change that.

My example is the following: I have a video to which I set the resolution to 1696x1000 and I set the aspect ratio to exactly the same.

Now I want to add two videos side by side, the one is 696x696, the other is 1000x1000 (that’s why I chose the resolution this way). Now, whenever I add my 696x696 to the project, its resolution immediately gets changed to 700x700, and I don’t see why. This the of course means that I need to scale it down, and thus I lose quite some quality.

Is there any way, that my 696x696 video gets loaded into Shotcut as a 696x696, and not as a 700x700, so that basically every pixel gets taken over 1:1?

Thanks for the help!

Your description is a little confusing. You say you have a video at 1696x1000, but you never mention loading it. Are you really saying you made a custom Video Mode?


How do you know this? What you looking at?

The solution is rather simple (and obvious since you will must position each video within the frame space):

  1. make a custom video mode 1696x1000
  2. add both both videos, one each to their own video track on the timeline
  3. add the Size, Position & Rotate filter to each clip or track and adjust Size: one to 696x696 and the other to 1000x1000
  4. change the Position values of each filter to position them side-by-side

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