Inlay video, how can we do this ? Is it possible?

Hi ! i d’like to have a video in another video, in transparency. I don’t find any help for that.
That’s an Audio Spectrum, if u could help me please :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad english

[FR] Lut’, j’aimerai incruster une vidéo de type spectre audio. Impossible de trouver comment faire. Besoin d’aide ! :slight_smile:

I hope this helps:

Take two videos.
Your main video and your inlay video
Place the main video on the timeline
Add the inlay video to a second timeline (which will appear ABOVE the main video)
Select the inlay video (on the timeline) and apply a ‘Size and Position’ filter.
Resize the Inlay video using the handles (small white boxes) to the proportions that you need.
This works - it may not be the only way.
I also ‘mute’ the sound on the inlay video.

Sorry for my non-existent French :wink:

Thanks, and for me, that’s work but not totaly : The area where ther is the first video, stray black. That’s impossible to transform the back ground of the inlay video in trancaprency ?

Try to click on the ‘c’ (composite) button found in the track header of the topmost track containing your inlay picture.

Btw there is a ShotCut tutorial on YouTube showing what you want. Search for “picture in picture”.

AH I understand - I think you need a video export format with an alpha channel (transparency - RGBA).

At the moment I can’t get this to work in Shotcut so hopefully someone can help us both :relaxed:

I try RGBA Tansparency, but that doesn’t work with Shotcut. Poor me :’)

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Take a look at the picture-in-picture mini tutorial here: