Inkscape + Shotcut?


I have been testing Inkscape with Shotcut and it is a very useful tool to work with texts especially.

The problem I have is when exporting.

The videos that I do are for Instagram. So, they are in 1: 1 format.

What are the measures that I should use when exporting my text file from Inkscape?

Thank you!

In Shotcut you would need to make a custom video mode for your video before you start.
Settings/Video Mode/Custom
This is where you initially set up your video mode, before importing video or images.

As far as Inkscape, you would have to be the one to determine the size, but you’re not real clear of what you’re asking. What ever size you want the image to be, it’s best to be at the same size or larger (width, height, or both) than your set video mode. With the Size & Position filter, you can resize the image to your liking.

Example: 600x600 video for Instagram.
Custom Video Mode of 600x600 (1:1 ratio)
(V1, V2, V3 etc… are video tracks)

  • V1: Main video
  • V2: Image (Any Size)

You can change the size & position of any image with the filter: Size & Position.

1080 for either the width or height depending on which side it longest.

The next version 18.11 will have Square 1080p 30 or 60 fps Video Modes under the Non-Broadcast submenu. Until then, do as @Hudson555x suggested. It is difficult to get authoritative information about the best resolution to use with Instagram, but I found this page somewhat trustworthy. The new Shotcut video mode uses 1080 for square because not only Instagram is supporting square, and services change their apps and devices change to grow and improve. Call it future-proofiing, and yeah you could possibly do 2160, but perhaps that is a bit much for most people and their computers and bandwidth at this time.

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