Injecting VR/360 MetaData

I’m using Shotcut for editing VR180 videos (SBS 3D with 180 degrees equirectangular video on each side).
This happens to be very easy to do with the capabilities of Shotcut, I’m exporting the videos and they look great using a VR headset.

However, services (i.e. YouTube) require that such videos (Any 3D, actually, plus 360 videos) will have certain Metadata set in the file.


Google recommends working with ffmpeg commands for that (providing some examples
Is there any way to do this as part of the export process? (Hopefully with some useful presets too)

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What’s your workflow? I think people have many questions about 3D/VR.

Since recent versions (20.11 most recent at time of this update), for 360° video, we support setting projection metadata as equirectangular. It is available in a completed job’s context menu and in a clip’s Properties’ menu.

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Is there a possibility of adding an option to set the equirectangular metadata for VR180 video as well?