Mr Dennedy,

I saw a few minutes ago that you had closed the “Graphic video rhythm editing” suggestion thread that I had created and I just wanted to share some information with you.

I understand your decision and I am not writing to question it, criticize it or insist on it.

I am not a native English speaker, I know a little of the English language but I do not have the adequate linguistic skills to be able to write messages on technical aspects.

That’s why I have to use a translation. Many foreign people, like me not knowing English well enough, do it to be able to communicate with others.

Sometimes, as happened today, the translation does not correctly translate what I would like to say, this causes vocabulary problems and leads to confusion and misunderstandings. I sincerely apologize, I did not understand that there had been vocabulary problems.

However, I do not find the reaction of certain other participants in the discussion very correct, quite brutal and disconcerting.

I can perfectly understand that some people are confused (I’m not talking about you, you have shown a lot of calm and professionalism and I sincerely thank you) for these problems but this could hardly be said with more professionalism or try to calmly explain what is wrong. This really pissed me off. In fact, it was mainly that I felt uncomfortable and very nervous.

I’m not talking about you, you showed a lot of calm, patience and professionalism and I sincerely thank you for that.

I do not want to pass any judgment on anyone, criticize or hold anyone responsible, it is simply my point of view and my personal feelings. I only hope that everything goes well and I try to be respectful and professional towards everyone.

Finally, I would like to tell you that I find, despite the differences we may have had, the Shotcut video editing software to be really great, with many relevant, interesting and creative features. Your work is amazing, keep it up!

I don’t want to bother you any further, I know you must surely be very busy.

Thank you very much in advance for your understanding.


Gabriel Lozano

Thank you for your message. I agree the thread was becoming a little hostile, which is part of the decision to close it–instead of simply decline the suggestion and leave it open.

We see a lot of people here that use a translator. Since you wrote very well in your language–which is unusual for most forum users–the translator output very good English. But that combined that with a somewhat obscure topic leading some readers to claim you are posting some AI nonsense! To make matters worse, humans are less afraid to be hostile to a machine. I watched enough Terminator movies to learn to be nice and polite to my voice assistants. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your understanding and this informations. Your decision to close the thread was very wise, I myself wanted to try to put and end to this discussion

Unfortunately, I did not realize that the translator had led readers to believe that I was making dark remarks about artificial intelligence! I now completely understand the hostility of some users in forum discussions! Personally, I am strongly opposed to the use of AI for artistic creation to machines exercising human professions, to man being replaced by machine. I also never use artificial intelligence.

I don’t worship the machine like the War Boys in Mad Max Fury Road, I understood the message of the film. :grinning: