Individual colors and locking for clips

When markers are planned in SC I would like to suggest for the ability to give clips different colors.
The timeline yet is so doggone blue. :slight_smile:


Do you mean individual colours for the markers?

No, for each clip in the timeline, by rightclicking the mouse for a color panel.
And additionally individual locking each clip, - not only the whole track.

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That sounds useful if one has a high amount of clips - I like it.

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Those separate from markers and probably not implemented at the same time.

I’d love to see this in SC. In the past (using other editors) I have changed the colours of clips to indicate further action (background audio required, additional clip or where there’s a problem with the clip that needs addressing). It would certainly be a useful feature.

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This would be very useful to me.

I frequently find I need to engage the assistance of the Ripple Brothers* to open up a space in time, particularly to add the branding/titles sequence. Often the clips I need on both sides of the new space in time overlap. The rippled move snips off the ends of overlapping clips, moving the new snippet along with the rest. Now I manually slide the snippets forward or back and Merge To Next Clip to restore them. (I can’t lock that track; everything farther along on the track must move.)

If clips could be locked, I could lock the overlapping clips, and save myself the trouble of Move and Merge.

So I put in one more vote in its favor.

(*Ripple Brothers - the useful but dangerous Ripple Tracks and Ripple Clips buttons)