Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures [SNES] review

Hello, I’ve prepared a review of an old Super Nintendo Indiana Jones videogame.
Check it out if you’re interested.


That’s good, even though I didn’t understand the language, it was clear and normalized. I think YouTube should roll out the audio track feature that it did in mrbeast’s video, than it would be easier to understand your language:-

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Well done. There is no annoying loud music and the game’s audio is at a lever that leaves your voice perfectly audible. Sadly I can’t really comment on the content though. The auto-generated French and English subtitles are way to fast for me to follow and sometimes don’t make much sense. But that’s not your fault.

I do remember playing that game back then. Fun but very hard if I recall correctly.

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Yes, my English is not good enough for making videos in that language. YouTube auto subtitles struggle, but they’re not good enough.
Thanks tough.


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