Independent audio output from video?

New to this forum, but really impressed with your development!

Today, I happened to meet Shotcut while searching for a player for Blackmagic output device. What a surprise! VLC was a contender, but it is not practically ready for functioning on Mac platform. Shotcut is the one I have been looking for. Graphic card playout may be the ultimate future of any video playback since it is the fundamental implementation of graphics on computers, but not quite suitable for most stable video playout device yet. We still rely on the heritage from the (Broadcasting) “Video” technology for solid motion piture presentation in various reasons.

I encountered another difficulty with this solution. On my setup, I use 2012 iMac with Blackmagic Mini Monitor through Thunderbolt, but I have almost given up home theater preamps as DAC, because even the DAC quality of high-end models is pretty lousy comparing to moderate level pro gears. In fact, I tested 2012 iMac as a DCP server and learned that good enough for public presentation. Except DCP, all other video materials, such as all video formats Shotcut supports, and DVD, Blu-ray, etc. should be supported. I decided to use computer rather than set-top players for such jobs for better sound quality with cost-effective high quality pro DAC’s through USB or Thunderbolt.

I found that Shotcut basically sets the audio output following video output. I tried JACK audio, but failed to make it work. But, even if it worked, it seemed to me odd implementation for a player application-kind. Setting up the audio output device independent from the video device is usually expected in those kinds of applications, isn’t it?

Is it possible to allow to choose audio output device independently? DCP players, such as FinalDCP player, easyDCP player adopt such feature. That will make Shotcut to be the one of the core playout solutions for many facilities.

I have tested the Blu-ray or DVD contents as the ripped files. Is it possible to run them as discs like VLC? In foreseeable future, we would need SDI or HDMI output for motion piture contents presentation without doubt.

Thank you for your effort to make a valuable solution for this industry.

There are no plans at the moment to add the enhancements you are asking about. Sorry. I don’t know what else to say. There is still a boat load of stuff to do for a video editor and there was no intention to make a DCP player.

As for JACK, that was implemented to accommodate a variety of workflows, and Jack can enable all sorts of things. It is not to intended to be a simple audio output option, but you can alter the routing (using a separate program) to achieve that.

I see… I am not asking a DCP player, but just ability to choose audio output for monitoring.

About the JACK, I already tried Sound Flower instead. The HDMI embeded sound was not routed. I don’t know why it did not work… I will try again anyway.

Thank you.

I doubt soundflower can route the audio away from HDMI as there is a private API used for Blackmagic devices. I think the easiest solution is a box to extract audio from HDMI. It is far from trivial for me to add this to Shotcut.

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