Increasing the Green color of the clip ( HSL )

Hello everyone

Shotcut How to increase only the green parts of a video (HSL) using ?

Thanks in advance to the helpful friend.

Hi @Ertan

  • Add a Mask: Chroma Key filter.
  • Click on the eyedropper icon and use it to select the color you want to change. In your case green.
  • Add these two filters, in this order:
    • Hue/Lightness/Saturation
    • Mask: Apply

In Hue/Lightness/Saturation change the Saturation value. Because the mask filter isolates the green, only that color will be affected.

If you need to re-pick your color in Mask: Chroma Key, deactivate the 2 other filters first.


Thank you very much.@MusicalBox I implemented it according to the example you gave. However, there are children in the video. It also affects their color…

So it’s not a singular color like your example.

Hi again @Ertan

Yes. I was afraid of that. In my example, all the colors were distinct and well separated. In a more complexe situation where there is a lawn and people it’s more tricky. Green contains yellow and skin tones too.

You can try adding a Alpha Channel: View filter in your list of filters, just above the Mask: Apply filter.

When it is enabled, the Alpha Channel: View filter will show you exactly what parts of the image is selected by the mask. All that is white is selected (and will be affected by the Hue/Lightness/Saturation filter), and all that is black is not selected. Grey means that the part is partially selected.

So you need to find a green in the Mask: Chroma Key that will pick up as much of the lawn and trees as possible, and as less of the rest as possible. That can be tricky.
In my example below, the color #55aa00 worked relatively well. Maybe you can try it and be lucky. Or maybe you’ll need to tweak it a little.


I did a few more tests, and found a green that works better (in my case at least)


Thank you very much. Thank you… I understand.

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