Increasing font size crashes Glaxnimate

Operating system: Windows 10
Shotcut: 22.06.23

Anyone else gets this bug in Glaxnimate when increasing the font size above a certain level?
That size limit varies depending on the Font used

In the example bellow I use Arial Regular and if I raise the size above 82, Glaxnimate crashes.
With the Rubik Black font, I can’t go higher than 71


Note: Restarting the computer had no effect.

Bugs with Glaxnimate should be reported to its project

Probably related to this particular bug:

I reproduced this, but as a workaround you can simply resize the text object as you would any other object (that affects the transform/scale properties. Hold Ctrl while resizing to maintain aspect ratio. Since this is vectorized it maintains sharpness.

This is no longer crashing on our in-progress migration to Qt 6.