Increased Video Speed Distorts Seperate Audio

I am new to Shotcut and just installed the software running version 19.01.27. I imported a single video track and wanted to just play an Audio Track over the Video Track. I am able to do so just fine. I then decided to speed up a section of the video and separated out a portion of the video and increased the speed to 2.0 and when playing the same audio track over the video the audio plays fine up until the part where I increased the video and the audio gets all distorted and cuts in and out until the video goes back to regular speed. Is this an issue or just something i need to modify and adjust within Shotcut?

I found another post about this issue in Help/How To (“Audio Track / Video Track synchro”) but no resolution, can you please assist.

I was not able to reproduce this, and you did not include enough information including version or operating system. You probably need to provide detailed steps, media info on the media files, and possibly a small sample project.

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