Inconsistant colours when applying LUT to a track

Linux 64 Bit Archlinux

Shotcut r4728.1632172063.77521f4c Compiled from a git source. Not the most recent but has been very reliable. 64 bit :slight_smile:

Bug is repeatable. Have a video timeline with three or so dissolves but it looks like the LUT gets applied to the dissolves twice or amplified somehow compared to the normal video sections of the track.

I’ve tried this with different video sources thinking it was the different sources (8 bit 10 bit 422 420) but all react the same if that’s of any use at all.

Is there a second LUT filter on one of the track heads, which would apply it to every clip on the track?

Does the double LUT happen only during a transition?

Hi. One LUT on the track head only.

I was doing a stress test and noticed this.

Easy to reproduce. Make a track with one or more clips. Do a dissolve between clips.

I used the Noam Kroll CineD LUT to test with.

Seems to apply only at the dissolve.

Reproduced here on clips with full range. It seems the color range setting on a frame is lost going through a transition.
This is fixed for the next version 21.12