Incomplete word in Spanish

In the color creation dialog box (Open Other --> Color) the word “transparent” should say “transparente” in Spanish.


This is not a good way to report translation problems. I do not know if the translators are reading every message. The project uses this site for coordinating translations:

Ahh, I didn’t know this. Thanks for letting me know about this.
There are so many things to learn.
I’ll check this out tomorrow morning.
Thank you very much.

Is it correct if I close (remove) this thread so as not to fill the forum with erroneous threads?
Or should I change the title and category of the thread and keep it for future reference?
Greetings Dan.

Looking into this further, I see it was translated on the site, but it is not getting picked up probably due to a silly coding detail (using a file-global variable).

I entered the site and curiously I was registered (sure I collaborated in some project that I do not remember, I am a disaster with my memory) :thinking:
I saw that all the chains were translated so today I was going to communicate this there, however from what you comment, it will not be necessary.
It’s a minor detail that doesn’t really affect, but I thought I’d comment on it for later updates.

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