Include image in Text:Rich?

I am struggling to get my scrolling credits working with the Text:Rich filter.
When typing the text right into the editor in SC I can format it as desired (after I figured that for each edit I have to switch back to the “default” preset, then resize the text frame and switch to the desired “scroll up” preset).
Now I wonder if there is a way (and how) to include an image (logo) into the scrolling text.
For this I wonder how I would get the text formatted in an external editor and then import it. The problem is I don’t know which editor I should use. I tried LibreOffice Writer and the text got imported OK, but not the image. I’m not keen on diving deep into creation of html documents, just for this …
Is this a dead horse I’m riding? Else, can somone please suggest a workflow how to get this done?
(Win8.1/10, Shotcut 21.03.21)

The Rich Text Filter is not one of the better filters in Shotcut. It relies on Qt’s WYSIWYG editor, which leaves a lot to be desired.

A better way is to create your text and images in an external utility, like GIMP, export it as a PNG, import the PNG into shotcut then keyframe the Size, Position,Rotate filter to do the scrolling animation.

There are other (in my opinion better) ways, involving screen recorders, but as a first step I’d try this method.


Yes. It is important to note that the rich text is not a very full HTML implementation. It simply uses a subset of HTML for its format. It can support images, but it is not easy to integrate and I have not figured it out. You can animate images with the Size Position & Rotate filter in tandem.

Thanks @Elusien and @shotcut - I suspected.something along these lines.
I had hoped to avoid going for GIMP and company…

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