Inceasing RAM use in 2024 (I've 64Gb to use)

Hi Team and Community, My newest laptop now has 64Gb ram, I’ve noticed in the past year it uses peanuts of my RAM, CPU and next to no GPU, and I purchased my new lappy (12 months ago) based on using ShotCut ONLY!!! So went up a notch or two in my budget to get a better GPU/CPU.
Is there a way? I’ve seen the other way older threads regarding development in this area.
Thanks all.
I love ShotCut
Ive Tbs of crazy stuff to process… Ive a 25 UHD video of this crazy dinosaur ive yet to do anthing with … unbelievable stuff.

Can you give some more info? Iike your os, shotcut version,exact specz, extra stuff. There was a similar problem back some time ago with someone else on linux. I will link it here if I find it.