In ver 19.07.15 filters become affected by resizing clip

I’ve noticed recently that when I resize clips some filters “misbehave”. For example, Fades In and Out, Size + Position, Rotate + Scale. The filters appear to behave as though no resizing has occurred. The solution is to copy the filters, delete them, then paste them - they work fine then. I don’t recall this ever happening before - I’ve been using Shotcut for roughly 3 years.

Working fine for me. This is invalid bug report because there is not enough information. “misbehave” and “behave” are vague. You are the first to report it.

Massive apologies for the lack of precision. I’m new to this stuff. I’ve just been trying to recreate the problem … and in the process discovered what’s causing it. Whether it qualifies as a bug isn’t really up to me …

Here’s the set-up, as simple as I can make it:

1> A file with 2 video tracks on the Timeline.
2> V1 contains one mp4 video clip.
3> V2 contains one jpg image file, positioned somewhere along the Timeline (doesn’t matter where).
4> The jpg file is 5 seconds in length with 3 filters: Fade in Video, Fade Out Video, Rotate and Scale (Scale = 50%).

Now, if I select (highlight) the V2 jpg clip then drag it to 10 seconds in length - everything works perfectly.

But if, instead, I select the V1 video clip, then drag the V2 jpg clip to 10 seconds in length … the Fade out Video filter kicks in at the 5 second point, and the Rotate and Scale filter stops working at the 5 second point, i.e. the jpg image reverts to 100% after 5 seconds.

The same thing happens if I have a second jpg file on V2 and I select that before I drag the first clip.

OK, I know what I’ve been doing is probably bad practice - but I can’t believe I’ve only just started doing it after using Shotcut for 3 years. Now that I know what the issue is, I’ll make sure I first select a clip before I drag it.

Apologies again if I’ve wasted your time.

OK, I have reproduced it, and this is certainly a bug. I fixed it for the v19.08 release.

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