In Shotcut do we have a shared library of background video clips that we can apply with personal pic,video,text?

HI there,

Are there any set background video templates library ?
To illustrate what I mean … I created 2 based templates (rendering time very long …)
Then apply them with pictures (or video) with my personalised wordings …

The reasons I asked is that it will be nice if we have a “user group” to build and share such templates in a library that everyone can share and benefits from it. It takes atleast 2+ hours to build such simple video template but can be reused easily. It also save a lot of “rendering time” … and apply them with Shotcut.

There are indeed thousands of such templates available in the commercial market but does not incorporate video mostly and has very limited options and time consuming to upload & download, with a cost per use too. So my thoughts is why not we do this for our user base with Shotcut ?

I am aware what I am suggesting is very basic video techniques for many of the gurus in this forum … but just a thought.

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