In praise of the new "easing" keyframes

Hi folks,
For me, the introduction of “easing” to the new Keyframes as opened up some nice possibilities of creating subtle movement effects into my flute videos.

I thought I’d post a demo of my 47th flute video - target audience being flute-players - (all my videos are made with 100% Shotcut) using the new keyframing features, currently available in the 23.11.04 BETA version (soon to be released into the mainstream).

I have gone overboard on the moving images :smiley:, but I really like the way the images (in this case vintage Christmas cards) move, using mainly the “ease in - and ease out- exponential” option. I also used them for the lower thirds text messages.
Thanks again to @shotcut and @brian for implementing this!


Wow it does look nice though

I haven’t played much with the new keyframes (yet) but I see in your video that they have great potential. Well done @jonray.

This is great. Thanks for sharing and providing the demonstration of the keyframe types.

Thank you!

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