In editing everything sounds like it has an Echo

^What it sounds like^

I don’t know if it’s something wrong with my OBS or Shotcut or maybe I’m just being dumb but is there a way to fix this?

Honestly, i dont hear an echo but i hear just bad audio. If its already in the source its coming from the recording. If the source sounds fine its probably a problem with SC or exporting. I would opt for the first :slight_smile:

I also had this same problem in version 20.11.28, but the solution came up when I called my friend as he knows C++, C, Java and python and he just coded something in some files and the bug was gone. He is my friend so he did it for free, otherwise any person you hire will cost a large amount. And when the new version came the problem was automatically solved.

I would not call it an echo, more like a resonance. Sometimes I get videos with that sound quality, that extra richness. Sometimes it is because of the way my microphone is interacting with a very “live” room (small room, hard walls), but usually it is because I have four synchronized tracks on the timeline. and I have forgotten that when editing that way, I must first mute the audio in all but the audio-master track.

This sounds like a digital problem. One cause could be the computer being pushed too hard and the recording is glitchy. I don’t hear traditional in-air echo or resonance because there isn’t a second copy of your voice overlapping the first and decaying. What I hear is an exact copy of your voice being repeated and overwriting itself for a few samples, which suggests bad rate conversion or a write-buffer timing issue. If OBS is capturing with compressed audio, try letting it use a lot higher bitrate. Some of these glitchy sounds are similar to over-compression artefacts.

Room resonance ruled out. Good.

Most likely.
I doubt @Potato is using multiple synchronized tracks.

But if it is multiple tracks…

…is exactly what I get with synchronized tracks, because the synchronization is never perfect.

Thank you guys for the I realized what I messed up on it was with OBS
I’m just really bad at recording audio and for some reason at some point I made multiple… Mic tracks? yeah i don’t know what to call it.

Also sorry for the trash that was that was the Youtube clip

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I have watched many hours of that kind of multi-player Minecraft videos with my young son.

I enjoyed the clip immensely.

I enjoyed it too

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