Improving zoom in tracks :)

Hello everybody !

This is my suggestion because it can slow my work :
when you zoom in or out in the video/audio tracks, it should be centered on the cursor.
Otherwise I always have to find my cursor and when it’s a long video project, it can be very annoying :slight_smile:

Have a great day !


What do you mean by “cursor?” It currently does zoom on the mouse cursor when using the mouse wheel to zoom - as long as the timeline is at least as wide as the panel/window. Otherwise, zoom keeps the center of the timeline window centered, which I do not plan to change.

You can always simply use Right followed by Left to make the timeline scroll to the playhead and return the play head back to its position.

There is also the option in the timeline menu to Center the Playhead.


oh my !
you changed my day :star_struck:
it was the Center the Playhead option I had to enable !
So sorry !


I really do hope you reconsider. The zoom is very annoying and frustrating. Even if the playhead is in the center of the screen when you zoom in with the magnifying glass, the playhead ends up to one of the sides of the screen. So that means if you don’t have the playhead in the center when you zoom in the playhead won’t be in view anymore. That just isn’t useful at all because you have to then hit left or right on the keyboard just to get it back in view then you have to further scroll over to get the playhead in the center. That’s more clicks, more energy and more time spent for every zoom that’s needless and is nothing but aggravating.

Everything that is done in the timeline is based on where the playhead is. So why would you want to zoom in to something random? The playhead being the focus of the zoom is the standard and expectation. Sure, you can pick “Center the Playhead” but that affects the entire timeline workflow in a way that I just don’t care for. And even if I pick that just to do the zoom that’s once again, more clicks and more energy wasted.

I’ve brought this up before and I don’t want to keep bothering you about it but the fact that @Vrob here expressed the same frustration I have felt just made me had to post about it again.

You cannot please all the people all the time.

That is true but do you personally like that you have to press left or right then scroll to center the playhead every single time you zoom in? Like who’s going to complain that when you zoom in the playhead is still in view? Can you really see someone posting a thread saying, “Hey, can you change the zoom to how it was before? I really loved it that when I zoomed in I completely lost sight of the playhead and had to spend extra time getting it back before I continued editing.” :upside_down_face:

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Yes, absolutely, without fail

:smile: All right. Can you consider then adding it as an option in the timeline menu? A “Zoom To Playhead” option?


On this occasion I have to say that I am 100% with @drm on this.

For me, having the playhead disappear off screen when zooming out is pretty illogical - and very annoying! Having the playhead centred when zooming would be bliss!! :laughing:

However, if rejected, I strongly support @drm’s suggestion to add “zoom to playhead” in the timeline menu.

I’d also love to see a “Center the playhead” toggle icon next to “Ripple All” (as well as it being in the menu) with the added behaviour that it immediately centers the playhead on clicking, so I can quickly toggle it on and off from the timeline toolbar. If this is a no-goer, though, my final wish would be for a keyboard shortcut for “Center the playhead” so I don’t have to keep going into the menu.

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He means the playhead.

In Cubase (DAW software), you can move the playhead by clicking/ dragging on the timeline just like Shotcut but at the same time if you drag the mouse down or up it will zoom in or out centered on the playhead. Very intuitive and fast to use. Don’t know if the coding in Shotcut would lend itself to this approach.

Adobe Premiere works this way:
If the playhead is visible, “zoom” centers the timeline to the playhead.
If the playhead is NOT visible:

  • if the mouse cursor is on the timeline, “zoom” centers the timeline to the mouse cursor
  • if the mouse cursor is NOT on the timeline, “zoom” keeps the current center of the timeline

I think, this is really an intelligent solution.

Et si la tête de lecture est visible et que l’on veut zoomer sur le curseur de la souris, on fait comment ?

And if the playhead is visible and we want to zoom on the mouse cursor, how do we do it?

@Lenzp, this thread wasn’t updated but in the release that followed this discussion (20.10.31) Scroll to Playhead on Zoom was added to the Keyframes menu which means if you have it selected it zooms in on the playhead and if you have it off then it’s the way it was before which is that it tries to zoom in on the mouse.