Improve export time when just clipping

Hi there,

I was looking for a cross-platform open source video editing tool to do some simple video editing. So I found shotcut and am quite impressed by its options and functionality, so thanks to everyone contributing to it!

My main use-case right now, however, is to just clip some screen recordings, that are already in the video format that I’d like them to be. So what I do is to mark the new start and end point of the video and then press export with the default settings. The export then takes quite some time and I was wondering if there is a way to optimise my settings. Typically the videos are about one hour and I just clip a few seconds off the start and the end.

Thanks in advance for any help!

If you only need to cut the start and end of a clip and the video without re-encoding, you don’t need Shotcut. You should use Avidemux and set video and audio output to “copy”: the export will be lots faster and lossless. The only constraint if you don’t re-encode is to set an I-frame as first frame. The whole file will be exported within seconds, even for a one hour clip.

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I second AviDemux as the tool for this job… not ShotCut.

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I was suspecting that this would be an overkill for what I want, but thought that there might be a different way to achieve this within ShotCut. Thanks for the tip, I will use AviDemux for the clipping and come back to ShotCut if I need more advanced editing!

Thanks for the quick responses!

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