Impress slides allow ghost of image below during transitions

LibreOffice (x86_64), Shotcut 23.07.23, Win10 Pro 64bit on a Dell Optiplex 7040.
I’ve made over 40 presentation videos with PowerPoint slides over the video of the speaker. The slides on V2 so I can time the transitions to the speaker’s voice on V1. Late summer when I transitioned between 2 slides without cutting back to the speaker (like when adding a bullet point) a ghost image of the speaker shows up during the transition during the dissolve, or even on the wipe bar if there’s any softness set. Workarounds were to cut a piece of one of the slides and paste if over the video during the transition (when the audio was on a separate track), or changing to one of the wipe transitions and zeroing any softness, both workarounds added a lot of extra clicks, keystrokes or actions, especially since there we often more than 50 slides to enter. The problem would go away at times but would return and I’ve been trying to find what caused it to come or to go for a while. Today I pinned it down.

I have been using LibreOffice Impress to reformat the slides to fit the video dimensions and to make all the slides needed to separate the bullet points. At the moment the only group export of the presentation slides in Impress is to export through HTML and delete all the extra html files. But those images, either jpg or png, caused the bleed through problem. If the slides are exported one at a time from Impress, which I have to do in the middle of the project if the presentation progressed differently than I had expected. If one of the 2 transitioning slides was made through html there would be the ghost. If both slides were output singly from Impress there wouldn’t be a ghost.
Opening an image that allowed a ghost into Gimp and exporting again, either edited or not, to the same graphics type or to another did not change the problem, so it seems the image files are valid but different, and a pain to use in Shotcut. My image viewer InfanView didn’t have a problem with these files either. I don’t have the knowledge, resources or time to work through all the versions or buy different software to see where, when, or who is causing the problem but if it’s not just an Impress bug than might be good to know if there’s any way to compensate for it in Shotcut.

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