Importing .srt or .ass subtitle into shortcut

I like to ask with the latest version of shortcut today, does it support importing subtitles in both .ass and .srt format? I recall >1 year ago the answer was a “No”. But wonder if this is possible now with latest update. I needed to do this to avoid “rendering” my video again using other external methods that will reduce the quality of the video after exported from Shortcut.
Hoping there’s some new tips on how to get this done …

I do not think this is yet available, if it was, I would have used every single bit of it not remaining it free anytime. Whoever the creator of the extension .ass is, he might have some that crazy and funny mind, I didn’t even knew that was a extension.

No it doesn’t. If you are creating the video solely for YouTube you can upload your subtitles separately, you don’t have to burn them into the video, or include them in the MP4 container.

Hi @Ar_D and @Elusien,
Thanks for your respond.
The issues are …

  1. I observed that not many of my viewers turn on the “subtitle” option in YouTube, so will not be aware of “subtitles” (song lyrics) as part of the music video we continually producing …
  2. In situation where we need both the “Chinese characters” and the “Chinese Pinyin” (to cater for ppl who reads Chinese and those that doesn’t) … the YouTube subtitle does not support. Altho’ .ass subtitle files does support.


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