Importing portrait videos creates lanscape viewfinder and video

Hi, I am attempting to make a video for Instagram with very little knowledge of how video editing/Shotcut works.

I have imported and cut/made my video, and on exporting it is surrounded by a large black outline - I have realised that (I think) I am using a landscape resolution?
Changing around the orientation of the resolution does not seem to change anything, I want to keep the video in 1080p and playing around with the aspect ratio (which instagram only allows 3) leaves the video almost zoomed out in the centre of a landscape video.

Is there a way to get rid of the black outline? Or change the entire orientation of the video?

I think i’m missing something simple so if this is just me being dumb, sorry :smiley:

Set your video mode to one of the two vertical video modes.
Settings > Video Mode > Non-Broadcast > Vertical HD

Import your video, edit and export in vertical format.

Or you can create a custom video mode for Instagram
and use that to edit and export.


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