Importing .mlt


I was wandering if it is possible for other edit programs to import a .mlt project?

For a project I have to team up with someone else. I work with Windows using shotcut. He uses a MacBook and is able to use Imovie. When I start a project, is he able to import the .mlt?

I know he could just install shotcut as well,
but I was wondering what would happen.
By lack of a MacBook, i can’t test it myself.

In iMovie… no.

By downloading the Mac version of Shotcut… yes.

Option 3: You and your teammate break the project into segments. Each of you work independently and export your segments in ProRes or DNxHR or high-quality H.264 using your editor of choice. Then one of you takes all the segments, lays them end-to-end on a new timeline, and renders a final project with everything.

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Tnx for answering,
I couldn’t found it in other posts,
so started to get curious. Now I know my options

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