Importing m2v format video to Shotcut

Years ago I had a film movie camera “Fujica Z-2”, all movies made were family movies. I spliced the finished movies one to the other so we could watch them with a movie projector. Some time ago, I gave the movie to a lab to convert it into a video clip so I can make a DVD out of it.
The video file I have is in m2v format, 8000 kb/s, 720x576, 25.000 FPS.
Now I want to edit it, cut out parts where the splices were.
I am trying to open it in Shotcut, but it insists to convert it first.
I do not want to loose the quality of the movie, once converting, then cutting and editing, and originally its not the highest quality.
This is the story, and now I am asking for some help what to do to get the best out of it.
Answers will be appreciated.

Shotcut latest version 21.10.31, on win 10, 20H2 x64, 19042.1288

No, it suggests. Click Cancel if you do not agree.

First I wonder why I did not get a notice by email that there is some reply to my question. So opened in the forum and found it.
Now to the point, I tried to import the file into Shotcut, canceling its suggestion, well, made some short screen capture video, to demonstrate it.
The m2v file is 34.05 minutes long.
Some explanations to the attached video:
1.Trying to import the file into Shotcut.
2.Clicking to cancel the suggestion, some small window opens, do not know what is it, cancel it also.
3.Trying again to import the file, and again canceled the suggestion, again is opened that small window and some other window over it. This ran for more than half an hour without any change, so I stopped it.
Some explanations can be helpful.


Do you see a loss of quality once you convert the file?
It just creates a new file for the conversion, thus leaving your original unchanged.

Hello and thanks for the answer.
I cannot notice loss of quality, but the converted file is huge. The original is 1.99 GB and the converted is 13.2 GB, in MKV format. So it uses some space on the disk.
Cannot delete it to free some space, until I finish the editing, not for one day.

The duration dialog appears because your video file does not properly support seeking. You do need to convert it. Choose the MP4 format if you want smaller as the Convert dialog already suggests.

Hello and thanks.
I will give it a try.

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