Importing html in shotcut

Hello there!

I am having a problem while importing html file in shotcut by using overlayhtml.
I first of all set a color on pannel by selecting open other -> color.
After it, i drag my color pannel on timeline and click to the filter for choosing overlayhtml.
After importing html file, even if i reload no think appears. But if I click on edit I can see all content of my html.
Notice i 'm using WebVfx javascript extension

It would be helpful to upload the HTML file to check for mistakes.
If you enable the WebVfx extension, did you make sure to save the script in the same folder? Or did you point to the correct location in your HTML file?
If you try the file in your browser, is it displaying correctly what you have planned?

This tells us you are using a rather old version. Update!

Notice i 'm using WebVfx javascript extension

Here is your problem. Did you not read the warning dialog that was shown when you clicked this?! Don’t do that unless you are an expert who has written JavaScript that uses the Shotcut WebVfx JavaScript extension (I am repeating what the dialog says).

If it is a straightforward HTML page with no animation and no javascript then it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it to work. Some of the more modern features won’t work in the web engine used in MLT-Shotcut. See here for the reason:

If you have javascript or CSS animation then that is a different matter. If you could post your HTML file I could possibly have a look at it for you.

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