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I use Shotcut to create wildlife videos to upload to YouTube. In the End Card of the YouTube video, I have 3 short consecutive clips from other videos that I have created using Shotcut, and I do that by using the feature “Open MLT XML AS Clip”. It seems to work well.

When recording in the bush things aren’t quite as stable as one would like, so I use the stabilization feature quite a bit to create my videos.

When I use the “Open MLT XML AS Clip” to create the video clips in the End Card, the previously created video loads very quickly.

My question is: When opening the video to create the short clips, is all the editing of the imported video retained, and I am thinking especially from a stabilization point of view? (But also other editing such as levels, sharpness and so on).

Many thanks in advance!

Cheers from Trevor.

I don’t know if I understand the question well but since I would have to do the tests to find out this it occurs to me that you could do some simple testing yourself with a small video clip.
Stabilize it, put filters on it that are evident (high saturation, exaggerated reverb, etc) and try to import the resulting clip as MLT XML. I think you could do this test yourself and check the results.
Or maybe I’m missing something in the translation and you suggest or ask something else.
I discovered this workflow a couple of days ago but didn’t go into it. Therefore, I can’t be of much more help at the moment.

Thanks ejmillan!

You did understand my question and thanks for the reply. I was being lazy and was hoping someone would know the answer. But your suggestion makes sense to experiment and see if it does import the editing of the original video. Thanks once again!

Yeah, that was the idea. By experimenting with little things little by little we can learn too. I didn’t have time to do a test and since there was no answer to your question either, I dared to suggest this course of action.
Maybe I can try that out later.
If you come to a conclusion on this subject, it would be great if you shared the result so that we all learn too.

I certainly will. Thanks!

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