Imported video wont play,

Hello I am new to shotcut and I am struggling to play my video. When I press the play button all that happens is the line moves showing the time, but the video does not play. I Would really appreciate some help as im am so stuck.
I am using windows 8.

Going to need some more information to help you.
Computer specifications. We already know the Windows 8.
Find the “System Information”. For Win 10, Windows Key, then “System Information”, perhaps it’s the same for Win 8. Need the items outlined in red.
And what is your Shotcut version? (Help/About Shotcut)
Can you provide a screen shot of what you see?

Hello Hudson, Thank you for your Reply. I have some screen captures for you which will perhaps help as suggested. I apologise but I am actually running windows 10!

you will see in the shotcut screen capture, my issue is that when I press play the line moves showing the time but the picture as seen stays the same. Much Appreciate your help thank you!

I have a Core i7 processor with a dedicated graphics card with a “64 bit operating system” and 8GB of RAM



You computer’s CPU barely meets the minimum specifications for HD video, but is below specs for 4k video. Not enough memory for 4k video.

As I don’t have any of the file specifications or Shotcut project settings, I’m only guess here…
From the picture (on the ground, in the grass) this may be from a GoPro type camera, possibly 4k video. Click properties in Shotcut, and screen shot the specifications.

What is your video mode set at? (Settings/Video Mode)

You need to provide detailed information about that video file using the Media Info tool. Shotcut is not going to work every video file in existence. If it does not work, you may need to convert it. Shotcut provides a tool for that in Properties > menu > Convert to Edit-friendly…

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