Imported video not playing

I’m running shotcut version 21.10.31 and my computer specs are below. I’ve got 1.43tb of free space on my computer.

What I’m trying to do is import videos that were recorded on my PS5 (which I saved to an external SSD) along with an audio file recorded on my computer so that I can edit them together, nothing too crazy. When I try to play the imported video in shotcut the play button turns to a pause button but the numbers on the timeline remain at 00:00:00:00. I tried using the shotcut tool to convert the video to be edit friendly, and I’ve got preview scaling at 360p and proxy turned on.

Do these files play in another media player?

This usually means the file is not seekable.

Did this help? I would expect this to create a seekable file.

If I try to play it with the default windows media player it plays very slowly and choppily. If I play it with VLC media player it plays normally. Converting the video through shotcut didn’t fix the problem.

That does not sound promising.

If you can make the file available for someone to download, maybe someone can figure out how to convert it into a format that Shotcut can use.

Or, maybe your PS5 has an option to record in a different format that Shotcut can support?

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