Import multiple images from Playlist into timeline (not an image sequence)

I have some images in my playlist named 1.jpg through 9.jpg and I would like to import them all at the same time into a video track. I don’t want to have an image sequence however, as I would like to control the duration that each image will be displayed in the video. For example, 1.jpg will display for two seconds but 2.jpg will display for three, etc.

I can’t select multiple images in the playlist and drag them all into the timeline, as I would like to do. For now I’m stuck with dragging one image at a time from the playlist into the timeline. So what’s the best way to drag all images at the same time from playlist to timeline? Thanks.



Thanks, that worked!

I do not know how to get this drop down menu with “Add All to Timeline” showed by sauron above? When I right click on the timeline I only get the following on the menu:



Thank you so much, Hudson555x!! I thought that button is only to list the items in the Playlist! Also because when I tried out all the buttons, that one did not do anything! Left or right click… and moving over the icon… Now that you showed it, I press the button very hard and then the menu comes up as you showed!

Thank you also for your effort to show it with pictures with a block and an arrow!!! I really do appreciate it!! it works!!!

Greetings from a very hot South Africa :slight_smile:

Greetings too from a pretty cold UK :grinning::grinning:

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