Import markers from CSV file and lock per track per color code

I’ve been working with someone else and editing their videos for a bit (and my own) and the workflow is as such: They will go through the RAW video, find the timestamps they want to cut out or add clips into, then put those timestamps in a document with a description of what to do.

Currently my workflow is to manually go in and add a marker coinciding with the timestamps with the description they want done to the raw video before changing anything. Then I work backwards as the markers always seem to get messed up because I forgot to enable or disable the “Ripple Markers” when I change something or add a clip to a different track

So my solution I came up with to help would be to

  1. Enable importing of the Markers with a CSV file
    = Simply “Start”, “End”, “HEX Color”, “Name”
  2. Be able to lock the markers of certain color with a specific clip (or at least track) so that changes to other tracks or clips aligned with them do not change move them around
  3. Bonus would to be able to set the timestamps of the imported markers relative to the locked clip so that I could have multiple videos in one file and then import the marker files one at a time syncing to each clip

Just being able to import the Markers from file alone would be beneficial but being able to lock them relative to a clip would solve all the problems… well a few problems haha