Import image to a video in Shotcut

Hi folks, I am very new to Shotcut and learning day by day.

Apologies if this has been posted, but I don’t quite find a good answer for this issue.

When I import an image to a video it seems it degrades the quality of the image by a lot, I have tried to set deinterlaced to Best, but no help. I have tried with .png and .jpg images and the same results; it’s quality degrades a lot! it doesn’t come clear.

Any advice, tricks to resolve this? I don’t see the same issue when looking at other people’s videos with tutorials.

Thanks a bunch,


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Welcome to the Shotcut forum.

Can you give some more information, say
-Did you export the video, if you did, can you check it’s resolution?
-If you’re just seeing the video in the preview window, is preview scaling and proxy on?
-What is the resolution of the image?
-Did you drag the image first onto Shotcut, or any other video before it?
-How did you export the video?

Shotcut doesn’t really reduce the quality of the image when I import an image and export the video. The image quality is unaffected.

I’ll respond again after you have seen this and replied.

@Somenath_Garai, sorry it took me a bit long and thank you for answering so quick. Had a very rough week.

I tried importing different sizes, with same degrading results:

  • .jpg (4144px x 2820px) 96dpi,
  • .jpg (1920px x 1080px) 96dpi,
  • .png (1920px x 1080px)

Yes, i have the preview scaled to 360p and with proxy on, but also tried to export with Interpolation set to best and the quality of the image is very degraded.

the image i created was from a google map, tried by screenshot and with high quality download from google, again, with no difference.

The video is exported as:
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ration 16:9
Frames/sec: 29.96
Scan mode: Progressive
Deinterlacer: YADIF - temporal + spatial
Interpolation: Hyper/Lanczos (best)

Codec: libx264
Rate control: quality-based VBR
Quality 55%
GOP 150 frames

Hopefuly I am answering all your questions, thank you so much!



Try increasing the quality from 55% to 65% and tell me if you notice any difference other than the size of the exported video.

It would help to provide your version of Shotcut and whether any filters are applied.
Turn off the proxy and preview scaling before you open the project and check the project especially the file names in Properties to see if it using the original or the proxy image. Sometimes people do something weird that ends up making the project stuck on proxy and unable to revert back to original sources when exporting.
Also, ensure you do not turn on Export > Video > Use preview scaling


Thank you @Somenath_Garai, I tried 65% and 75% but no change at all. Any other ideas?

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This made the trick, thank you @shotcut. Way to go, thanks for your help. Just so everyone knows i am using version 20.11.28

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