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I might have searched wit the wrong terms, so apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. I’m using Shotcut v22.12.21 and Windows 10 OS build 19045.3086.

Whenever I import a PNG file created externally, when I bring it into the Playlist, and preview the thumbnail, the file is scaled to fit the width or height of the video (whichever it hits first) so to use it at the size it’s been created, I need to use the Scale, Position and Rotate filter to use it.

The object’s properties shows the correct resolution. I have preview scaling set to none, and the proxy set to off.

Is there any way to set the thumbnail to be generated at the size I created it?

EDIT - just updated to v23.06.14. Didn’t realise I didn’t have auto-updating turned on…

Without using filters in Shotcut, you need to use an external graphics program.

Example: This Shotcut logo is 640x640.

I created a 1920x1080 transparent background image in GIMP, place the logo in there exactly where I wanted it, and exported PNG. ( I added green so you can see the borders)

Now placing that custom image into Shotcut.


All media are scaled to fit selected video mode, to keep the orignal resolution , you need an Size, Position & Rotate to scale it and position it.

Another way is to add your over graphic on an ex. 1920x1080 transparent canvas, when designing it and export it to a 1920x1080 png. ( You need another canvas size for other video modes)


It seems to me that the easiest way is still the SPR filter with a manually set size that matches the original.

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With an image such as that size, it’s best to use “Fit” for the size mode. Then you can position it where it needs to go.

Example: 150x150 Shotcut logo image.

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Really appreciate the help. Thanks!

Just in case anyone else finds it useful - the way I eventually ended up importing my images was to use what Hudson said, and save them in Illustrator/Photoshop (or Inkscape/GIMP), individually on a fixed size 100x100 pixel canvas. Then, when I import them and use the SPR filter, I can just set the size to 100x100, and the graphic inside will be at the size I created it.

I was creating icons I was planning to animate with keyframes for a gaming guide video to illustrate the mechanics that players could follow, so I saved the individual sprites, which were of varying sizes, onto a 100x100 canvas like this, and they’re now all correctly scaled.

Goes without saying that if you’re using a larger graphic, use a larger canvas…

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