Import / export bookmarks (times) in videos?

hi there,

I learned that GoPro Quick has a feature called “highlight” which lets you mark interesting moments with your camera while recording. These can be found later when editing the video with their software.

Unfortunately it does not support Linux so I don’t know how it works. I am thinking about exporting the data and add it to Shotcut, maybe? (newbe at Shotcut)

Is there a way to import or export timestamps to allow visual markers or easy navigation between these “highlights”?

Not yet. You will find this feature named “markers” in almost every other software. This is already been suggested multiple times and on the road map. I hope by the end of the year. However, this will not initially support import and export of just that feature/data because there are really no standards for this AFAIK. Once implemented, you will be able to edit Shotcut’s project XML if you want to import or export them using a text tool or some code.

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