Import animated .gif Files

When importing .gif files and adding them to the timeline, they are not played correctly and it is impossible to loop them for a video.

Are you talking about the freezing issue? When trying to add a gif to the timeline it acts like an infinite video of sorts and it can’t load. Apparently it has been an issue for some time but I’m not sure it’s something that they are willing to fix right now.

As a workaround, you can split your gif into individual frames using one of plenty programs, store them in a folder together and load them using Shotcut’s image sequencing feature. Sorry that it’s inconvenient but I would think if a fix was intended it would have been done by now, or it’s something out of their control.

If I’m mistaken about these circumstances, apologies in advance. And if you need help with the workaround just ask.

For me it’s not a big problem, but it’s something I need for somebody else, and it should be easy for him, that i need to send him just the gif then the standalone images, hoped it may get fixed with the next update.

If you want easy:

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thanks! saved me! :smiley: