Images/videos sending the timeline back to the start

Whenever I add something like a video or a picture to the timeline, it will make the timeline go to the start. Don’t know if this is a
bug or a feature, but is annoying none-the-less. This is a video of it happening

Looks like a bug to me.
Happens when using File > Open OR the Open File button.
Then, when you drag the image from the source to the timeline, the playhead will jump to the start of the timeline.

I think it was reported before.

One workaround is to open the folder where the image is located and drag the image from there.

Maybe related to this:

When it was previously reported I did not reproduce it. Why?

similar but this is about pressing play. still, thank you!

i dunno :confused:

I finally reproduced it but only reproduced with image - not a video.

yea that was the problem causer i think thx

This is fixed for the next version 21.06

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