Images loading very slow

Im running Shotcut 17.12.03 on windows 7 Pro 64 bit machine.

When I for example drag 10 Full HD mp4 videos to playlist it takes about 5 seconds. When I drag 6 Full HD jpg images it takes much longer (about 15 s). Its annoying when you need to put in some video project more images.

Thank you!

I have observed the same. There is a relationship between the resolution of the image and how long it takes to import. A Windows snip imports right away, but a 24MP photo from a camera takes quite a while.

You have labelled the thread as ‘Suggestion’. What is your suggestion?

Why on earth are you importing a 6,000 x 4,000 pixel (24mp) photos into a video editor? Are you creating a 6K slideshow?
Always best to prepare your images for video editors before importing them. Additionally if your 24mp photos are from an APS-C camera, the aspect ratio will be wrong for 16:9 video (for modern screens).

Yea I crop the images of course…

Now to suggest that one “prepares” images before importing into a video editor, sorry but I find that ridiculous.

Suit yourself, but it’s ridiculous not to and then complain about the video editor struggling…
Besides, it’s normal workflow for professionals to prepare their assets before bringing them into the video editor.

You are not even addressing the issue. Martin reported, and I am seeing the same, that Shotcut has no issues handling Gigabyte sized video clips, but chokes on an image file that is maybe 6 Megabytes or so. No other video editor I’ve used has this issue. It also chokes on images when producing, turning off parallel processing resolves this, but this just further highlights that Shotcut struggles with image files somehow and that this area could do with an overhaul.

Regarding workflow for professionals, what you’re suggesting is the equivalent of someone working on a 1080p project, but having some assets are 4k. So let’s run them through Handbrake first, to downsize them to 1080p, because the editor can’t handle it. In the process, giving up all the benefits of punching into the image, down-sampling and so on.

I have nothing further to add.
Happy New Year.

Hey Steve,
My suggestion is to somehow improve performance when loading images. Sure I have no idea how it works :wink:

Nice to see its resolved 18.03 version :slight_smile: Thank you guys!

Did you try out v18.03? It was just an improvement, but it might not be enough. (Is it ever?) In any case, you should know, the improvement only affects new projects. You can adjust old projects by opening them in a text editor and changing every “pixbuf” to “qimage”.

Yes I tried that and it is much better than it was. Hi-res images still take some time to load (especially bigger amount) but its acceptable.
Many thanks :slight_smile: !