Imagen ontop of video makes it darker and bad video colors. Help?

Hi. I just noticed how colors changes on the main background video and that really sucks! Is this a new problem or what is going on here?

When adding a track AND some kind of image/video/stuff ontop of the main track it’s also modifying the “main track”. What do I mean? Mmmm. It’s like the colors changes temperature when something is added ontop of it?

I’m kinda sure that it has to do with the track Compositing or something. If I stop the video in the editor and “hide” the track the main track video display like is should.

Is it just me or what is going on?? I know it’s a small change in color but damit it’s not cool that the video editor can’t overlay tracks properly!

It’s hard to explain what gose wrong or why. I exported a edited video trying to show what the problem is and why it’s a problem. :confused: It’s a minor, hard to spot thing most of the time. But it’s there.

I’m not sure if it’s just me having this problem and it’s some setting I have to change. All I know is that even trying with a opacity fitler set to 100% opacity on a image to go ontop of the video it still changes the color of the main video. Even at 720 30fps video settings this problem don’t go away.

The video used in trying to show the problem is posted on YouTube. It is a heavly modded Fallout NV recording done with Nividia Shadowplay a year ago. Some old recording I have saved due to the brutal kill in the end, Due to YouTube the colors and quality help to hide the problem a small amount. Have fun and thanks for the help!

/watch?v=Ht4tpbm8ogg <==== Try and add this after

I got my video mode set to 1440p 60fps and tried to play around with settings like OpenGL vs DirectX but can’t get the problem to go away. Exported video and in editor this color shift exist and don’t go away.

Hard to follow what you’re saying.
And your video isn’t available.

Try again?


For me it was working. Due to being logged into YouTube I was still able to watch my own video on the forum. And sorry if it’s hard to understand me.

In Fallout New Vegas for example having a watermark on the screen had changed the yellow desert glow. It’s a SMALL thing but it’s sad to watch a good looking videos have this kind of problem. Shotcut has it flaws but this one is to big if you ask me : C

It’s almost like a shadow effect? Like if someone put a black image at 99.5% opacity ontop of the main video!

Only real workaround I have is to make 2 traks.

Track 1 has the image of a cat on it. : -------------CATCAT------------

Track 2 has a empty PNG ::::::::::::::: : PNGPNG-----------PNGPNG

Main Track: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : CODCODCODCODCODC

And then combine the 2 tracks into one. PNGPNG,CATCAT,PNGPNG.

This way I have a constant shadow and not the color shift all over the place. But still have to live with colors being off. Or edit the colors to better match original yet not 100% right. Sigh… Is it just my PC or software? No one noticed this in there videos? I’m pisst enuf that YouTube destroys the quality of the video. This is like my wife was cheating in comparisons!

I hope this can be fixt. I think it looks really cheap and unprofessional having this in final render. Shotcut lacks animation and stuff but I like how easy it is after you learn the program to make a video.

This is the video I was editing when I noticed this shift in color. Play it back in 1440p for best result.

I can not reproduce your issue. Maybe there is something unique about your png file (like maybe the background is not 100% transparent)?

Can you try using this file:

That is the file I tried in my test and it doesn’t cause any problems with the background.